Cas Jansen Siegfried Frencken Fake Honeymoon


Fake Honeymoon is a Dutch band founded by Siegfried Frencken and Caz Jansen. They write energetic pop songs that arise from a deep-seated desire of following their inner soul.

Siegfried and Caz met in the late 90’s when they both studied at the Utrecht School of Arts. Siegfried primarily played classical piano and focused on music composing and sound engineering. Caz played and performed in diverse productions.

After graduation both went their professional way. Siegfried co-founded a software company focused on career development and Caz started his own business as freelance director for commercial television and documentary.

Despite their professional achievements, both found out that blood is thicker than water. At one night in May 2017 when they were jamming together a new song was born. That’s when they decided to start writing songs again and follow their heart to see where the beat will lead them.

From then on, they met every month one night and they set themselves the goal to write a song on that night. So they did and the result was twelve songs. With producer Martijn Groeneveld (Kensington, Dothan, The Yearlings) they recorded their first five songs at the Mailmen Studios in Utrecht.

The result is an EP with melodic, energetic popsongs that incorporates elements of pop, rock, country and blues; Dutch catchy west coast-pop, influenced by artists from the Americana (Neil Young, Bob Dylan)) and roots or- heartland rock tradition (Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Bob Seger) towards Dire Straits and Fleetwood Mac.

Their songs are all written from a strong humanistic perspective, and focus on self-actualization, the thing that makes one feel worthwhile. As illustrated in their song Dandelions their motto is: “Let’s sow your dreams, to be blown away.”